The applicants are grouped according to the results of the tests and interviewing. The groups comprise 3 - 6 students. Our center also provides individual courses (1 – 2 students).
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About Us

“Lazarian Dpratoon” center organizes Armenian language and Armenian civilization intensive courses and also foreign language courses according to the international educational standards and based on the best recognized teaching experience.

The main purpose of the Armenian language and civilization courses is to introduce the foreign learners to the peculiarities of the ancient Armenian language and the culture and history of Armenia and Armenians.

In the process of teaching the Armenian language we emphasize the importance of the following objectives:

-         Firsthand knowledge of foreign learners about the ancient Armenian language which occupies a unique place in the Indo-European family of languages.

-         Affording opportunity for the Armenian Diaspora to study their mother tongue in their motherland.

-         Helping the foreign specialists and businessmen easily integrate into the life of an unknown country by learning the Armenian, Russian languages.

The experienced professors of “Lazarian Dpratoon” display an individual approach to each student. The comfortable classrooms and friendly atmosphere allow the students to easily integrate in the new surroundings. The professors of the center are native speakers who are specialized and experienced in teaching Armenian/Russian as a foreign language.

The courses are taught by special methodology and manuals that are developed by the linguists of the center. The manuals are rich with informational texts and grammar exercises that give the learners an opportunity to learn about the history, traditions and customs of Armenia.


“Lazarian Dpratoon” also provides translation and interpretation services in more than 10 languages. During many years of experience our translators and interpreters have provided a quality service in translating texts in different size/format and in different spheres.